Why Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Is Popular

No matter what you might think of Farrah Abraham sex tape, there is an ever increasing number of people wanting to watch the video which gets so much attention in the media because they simply get curious about it. Today you can buy the tape in many stores and download it online as well.

Here’s a list of top reasons why people couldn’t resist the temptation to download Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom video and watch it.

- The main reason why Farrah’s sex video stands apart from any other porn flick is the fact that the footage looks like the real deal. There is James Deen who plays the boyfriend and holds the camera in his hand most of the time.

- If you ever hated a porn movie because of the bad plot than you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the storyline inside Farrah’s video which incorporates three sex scenes carefully merged together with professional editing.

- Than there is the distributor of the sex tape, Vivid Entertainment, that constantly raves about how great the sex tape is which heats up the interest of the media and porn connoisseurs in general. According to the porn professionals who assessed the tape, the quality of the footage itself is amazing.

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Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Sequel

After reaping the rewards of her success with the first ‘leaked video’ Farrah is now constantly bombarded with questions regarding the possibility of her making a sequel to it by many people who watched her sex tape. It is undeniable that the tape has been doing pretty well and the adult industry now wants her create another video because of all the success she achieved.

Farrah is really happy with the six-figure outcome she enjoyed when her sex tape achieved great success in sales with the biggest player in celebrity porn industry, Vivid Entertainment. As for the sequel of the tape, she is hesitant to give a clear answer to that as it possess a certain degree of risk to her. She says that she overjoyed with the results of her sex tape performance in charts and grateful about the chance to become an entrepreneur in an unexpected manner. However, at this moment Farrah denies any rumor of her making another video and says that she will no longer be participating in the adult entertainment in any shape or form. Despite this claim, she is grateful to everyone who bought and downloaded her video.

No matter if the sex tape was staged or actually leaked, Farrah Abraham earned great money with it. Even though the tape was in the spot light because of all the promotion done on Vivid’s part, they attributed the great part of the success directly to Farrah. Although, Farrah has been enjoying the success of her sex video, she claims it will be the end of her adult entertainment career.

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Reasons Behind Farrah Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham has been in the spotlight since the release of her Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom tape some time ago. The fact that many people have watched it already while many others still want to contributed to her success in the show business. She is now an aspiring model and an actress who published her autobiography in 2012.

In May the next year, Vivid launched a porn site which features Farrah having sex with male porn star James Deen. A lot of people have seen the footage since than. Initially, it was said that Farrah has sold the video that was only supposed to be made “leaked” to Vivid Entertainment for $1,5 million. Farrah also tried to claim that she never intended to make her sex tape public and it was created only to celebrate the beauty of her body.

Reasoning Behind the Sex Tape

During many interviews regarding Farrah Abraham’s tape she has not only revealed the real reasons behind making of her sex tape but also answered some questions about it.

The sex video, Farrah Superstar, is labeled as private footage made public because she continued to insist that the sex tape was her personal video. However, in the news, she let a few shocking reasons why her video went public slip.

According to Farrah, her decision was influenced by many of her friends that have done their personal shots and even filmed sexual videos exhibiting their own sexuality and how happy they are with themselves as the result of it. She claimed that the sex tape was the way of showing to herself how happy she is because of the body she’s got as well. Actually, when some of her friends learned about her decision to make such a video they even suggested her that it might be better to use a professional porn star for that. That’s how James Deen got into the video.

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Farrah Abraham Playboy And Twitter

Playboy rejection

Soon after the release of her sex tape Farrah Abraham, reality show star, has auditioned for Playboy magazine. She promised to go fully nude for them revealing everything she’s got. But apparently Playboy isn’t interested in her type of stars as they reject her offer by saying that there isn’t enough space to accommodate her on its pages. However, it didn’t stop Farrah as she tried to audition again. She received the second rejection letter. After the second rejection you would think Farrah back off but she didn’t. Even the critics who suggested her to just be a sex tape star and make another tape couldn’t change her mind.

Twitter account

After being rejected by Playboy twice, it became clear that she fights for her place on the celebrity throne. In the twitter she made a post encouraging all single men to follow her. Critics become baffled about what she is up to when they saw that tweet but it was clear that she is trying everything to attract plenty of fans and followers. At the same time she revealed her Amazon wish list with $13,000 worth of clothes and shoes that her fans could purchase for her.

Tape royalties

Despite her unsuccessful attempts at conquering Playboy magazine, Farrah Abraham leaked tape continues to stir interest of the media and her fans. She enjoys being in the spotlight of her newly gained popularity and making money while at it. The rumor of Vivid paying her a million and a half dollars for the video with James Deen went bust as it was declared that she only received $10,000 up front. Anyway, she earned at least $100,000 in two months since her sex tape release, which is still good money for the beginner in the industry. But it is nothing in comparison to Paris Hilton‘s cool $13 million dollars and even Kim Kardashian‘s $8 million that they made off their sex tapes.

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Drama Around Farrah Abraham

There seems to be more drama around Farrah Abraham tape than there was around any other celebrity sex tape that ever existed. This reality show personality magnifies the scandal surrounding the controversial video with each of her public appearances unlike other celebs who prefer to just remain quite and disappear from the public eye until the dust settles. The fact that she has a daughter to take care of gives another reason for her to remain quite yet she continue to stir up the shit. It all started when she said that the tape was supposed to be private when it was clear that she had the deal with Vivid Entertainment company which she had to sign before the video was released.

She also told the news that her co-star James Deen was her boyfriend at the time the footage was made. James Deen denied this and said there was nothing between them apart from the work. Farrah went even further and started spreading the rumors about James’ manhood trying to justify her less than impressive performance on video where she clearly feels uncomfortable doing some of the nasty stuff.

However, later she admitted that she was wrong but also said that there is no chance for a sequel. This turned out to be a lie again as Vivid confirmed that she is prepared to do a sequel. The reasoning behind this decision is the success of Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom video which sparked their interest to film another “leaked video” which would be even more extreme. The second tape will again include James Deen as a co-star and feature Farrah in full-on bondage scenes for the enjoyment of her kinky fans.

The two were recently spotted spending time together. Perhaps, the work together at the adult movie set ignited some sparks between them.

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Farrah Abraham Leaked Sex Tape

It remains unclear what caused the raise in popularity of Farrah Abraham own sex tape. Could it be the fact that she is featured in it or the rumor that Vivid Entertainment company paid more than a million dollars for her video? The reality star’s leaked sex video created with porn star James Deen has sparked a lot of interest in Hollywood after the Vivid made the tape public. The distributor claims that Farrah was paid only a fraction of that amount upfront, 10 thousand dollars to be more precise. Perhaps, Farrah would still get some commission from sales but it is unknown.

Farrah Abraham Leaked Tape

When the news reporters confronted her with the sex video, Farrah acted surprised that the footage leaked online. As she explained later, the tape was created as a private video with her boyfriend who happened to be a porn actor. However, this turned out to be a lie as the idea was to create some drama around the video. The website where the sex tape is available for downloading called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom because she is featured taking it up her ass there. The tape was criticized for being too harsh. The media thought she didn’t have to go to such length to attract attention. She’s not a professional porn actress but she tried to appear as such.

The backdoor video has opened many other doors for Farrah Abraham and she is now considering a sequel to the tape which would be even more bizarre and nasty than the first video. It will surely please a lot of her kinky fans with a fetish for bondage. According to Vivid Entertainment, the sequel again will feature professional porn actor James Deen.

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Controversy Around Farrah Abraham

If you followed Farrah Abraham career for a while, you would already know that she is not a stranger to the controversy. Back at high school Farrah has already faced drama in her role of a cheerleader. However, it was nothing in comparison to what she got into later in her life.

Farrah has dropped out of high school when she got pregnant. In 2010 her religious mother who was against Farrah’s public endeavors, Debra Danielson, was reported for assaulting her. Since than Farrah and her baby, Sophie Laurent, live separately from her. Unlike her mother, Farrah Abraham’s father Mike is more accepting of his daughter behavior as he even posted a joke about her new line of sex toys complimenting her “progressive business tactics”.

16 & Pregnant reality show has now aired on MTV for several seasons. Farrah has been starring in the show since 1st season when she was appeared in the 2nd episode. After success at this show she graduated to the Teen Mom show where she had several run ins with the cast, namely Catelynn Lowell.

Currently, a single mom Farrah Abraham has her focus set firmly on making as much out of her fame as reality show and sex tape star as she possibly can. Her recently launched adult video was made with the top male star James Deen. This tape entitled Farrah Superstar brought her a nice one and a half million dollars. The video proved to be highly popular among her fans generating over two million views in the first hours of its release.

Farrah’s public career already has a negative toll on her daughter Sophia, who has been frequently left with a baby sitter for days while mom was on business tours. Farrah admitted to OK! magazine that she now “… take her to mommy and baby counseling once a month.”

Was it all worth it for sex tape? You be the judge!

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Farrah Abraham From 16 And Pregnant

Farrah Abraham television career hasn’t stop at starring in 16 & Pregnant show as she will soon act in another one called Docu-Soap. Farrah also appeared in Teen Mom and recently adult entertainment industry albeit briefly (download her sex tape here). Despite what others might think of her, she is proud of her achievements.

The show Teen Mom

Farrah’s popularity on Teen Mom show can be explained with her being adored by some people while totally hated by the rest. While balancing on a thin edge she ruined her name and yet went on to take another big step which would be participation in an adult video.

Adult entertainment industry

As if ruining her name on the show Teen Mom wasn’t bad enough, Farrah has now made it worse by getting into adult industry dirty world. She justifies her decision by saying that she made good money out of it and that she did it in her daughter’s best interest as she can now just focus on being a good mother to her.

The new show

Farrah is confirmed for the part in ‘Docu-Soap’, a new show that will be filmed in Los Angeles where she is moving to and eyeing a multi-million dollar house at. Now she says goodbye to Teen Mom show that got her career started and moves on to something bigger. Her sex tape played a vital role in raising her popularity even further.

Many would disapprove Farrah’s decisions at various stages of her acting career. However, Farrah herself believes that everything turned out great, even the adult movie, and will become a stepping stone to bigger and better things in her life. She says that now she can spend more time with her daughter with all the money she has and career to support her. Farrah believes she is in control now.

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Farrah Abraham Assets And Tape

After her appearance at the Teen Mom show Farrah Abraham increased her net worth dramatically. Just recently the news of her viewing a 7 bedroom home in Calabas, California worth several million dollars leaked online. The estate she was looking at worth at least $3 million and located in the celebrity infested community of Calabasas called The Oaks. If she buys it than her neighbours will be Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian. This fact made many people wondering about how Farrah got into the position to be able to afford such a home as her current net worth is estimated to be around $1.75 million. Her recent purchase of $450,000 super car was also on the spotlight.

Let’s break up the numbers. She was on the reality show for several seasons, making $95,000 each year with bonuses. Plus she wrote a book called My Teenage Dream Ended which went to the top of the NY Times Bestsellers list and made her roughly $110,000 in sales, followed by the second book which generated further $50,000 in sales.

Farrah has made lots of money with interviews and features in magazines. In Touch Weekly magazine paid her $2,500 for the story which followed by $5,000 for the after photos. Her paparazzi photos made her another $5,000 and she received $20,000 in endorsements with further $25,000 for tomato sauce line. Her modeling brought her $20,000 and work with Sulia – another $24,000. The total comes to over $100,000. Farrah also will be appearing in night and strip clubs where she gets decent sums of money just for being there. As part of her promotion deal with Raspberry Tones she will receive another $210,000. Farrah tries hard to invent new ways to capitalize on her 15 minutes of sex tape fame and make as much out of it as she can until it lasts. She has also been having talks with Jenelle Evans, her co-star, to launch a spin-off reality show.

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About Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Celebrity Farrah Abraham was born on May 31, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska. She is now a reality show star, author of two books and aspiring model who mistakenly or not dabbled in porn at one stage of her career when she filmed a full-on adult video.

Farrah raised to the stardom after participating in MTV’s 16 & Pregnant show and later Teen Mom show. She got her daughter Sophia Laurent at the age of 16. The father of Sophie Laurent, Farrah’s high school boyfriend Derek Underwood died in a car accident when she was 6 months pregnant. The show Teen Mom was on air for a few seasons, from December, 2009 until August, 2012 when it ended. The show followed the lives of four girls from 16 & Pregnant who shared their experiences of motherhood. It displaed their personal lives and relationships with family, friends and guys. The focus was on the difficulties teenage moms face while raising children on their own. The pilot episode of Teen Mom show received more than 2.1 million views and become MTV’s highest rated episode.

At one point Farrah denied the existence of the raunchy video which she said “don’t… exist… anything about [a sex tape], I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But than the news about the tape surfaced on April 8, 2013. One month later, on May, 2013 Vivid Entertainment launched a new site called Farrah Superstar which portrayed Farrah having sex with porn actor James Deen. Later it has been revealed that Abraham sold the tape for $1.5 million. The footage was said to be marketed as “leaked” celeb sex tape and Farrah even defended her decision to make the video public by claiming that the reason for the video was celebration of her amazing body.

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